Youth Summer Enrichment Program

Youth Summer Enrichment Program Ministry

We know that the time between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm are the most dangerous time for young people. It is in these hours that they are most unsupervised because they are out of school and working parents are not home. Well, imagine how that time window increases during summer months.

In an effort to reduce some of that unsupervised time and to increase our student’s learning retention, we developed the Youth Summer Enrichment Program. The overall mission of this program is to help students develop personal and life skills such as problem solving and conflict management. It is also designed to expose them to a variety of careers that some may choose to follow. Students also learn about healthy relationships, finances, goal setting, and service. The program also includes a service learning project where the students reach beyond themselves to serve their community in a tangible way.

Youth in the summer program are invited back to other workshops and youth related activities throughout the school year. Our desire is to stay connected with them by offering activities and workshops to refresh and reinforce what they learned during the summer months.

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Want to support this program? Here are ways you can support:

Prayer – please keep this program (leaders, volunteers, students) lifted in prayer.
Volunteer – Perhaps you have a skill or career that you would like to share with students. We can provide a platform for connection between you and the students. Also, if you have a work place where students can visit to see different work environments, we’d love to set up something.
Incentives – just as adults work harder because they are getting paid, so do teenagers.  We love to reward good behavior. If you have items that can be donated to incentivize students, we’d love to be able to do that.
Monetary – you can write a check out to New Mercy Community Services, Inc. and in the memo section designate it to the Youth Summer Enrichment Program.

For more information please contact Carmen Caldwell by emailing [email protected]