Prison/Re-entry Ministry

New Mercy Baptist Church is aware of the awesome burden that is placed on men and women returning to the community from the prison. While it is said that a person has paid their debt to society upon their release from prison, the reality is that the formerly incarcerated person faces immense hurdles that prevent many from remaining in the community for more than three years. New Mercy recognizes that without housing, employment, health, education and counseling support returning citizens will return to prison. Understanding the dilemma faced by returning citizens, New Mercy has partnered with Prison Fellowship to spiritually uplift men and women in prison and New Mercy members have undergone training by Prison Fellowship staff to carry out the task of meeting the spiritual needs of incarcerated men and women. In addition, New Mercy has partnered with Healing Communities and become a Station of Hope for men and women returning to the community from prison. Healing Communities has trained church members to welcome returning citizens back into the community with open arms and to provide needed support to the returning citizen and their families, as the returning citizen transitions back into the larger society.

For more information please contact Theo Harris by emailing [email protected]