Afterschool Program

Afterschool Program Ministry

Our After School Program is in conjunction with Anne Street Elementary School. We work solely with kindergarteners at this time. As our volunteer base expands, we hope to expand to additional grade levels.

The kindergartners are selected by their teachers because they are not meeting the performance standards and classroom pace set forth by the school system.  Many of them, while very bright and capable, were not exposed to Pre-K learning and have struggled in areas of classroom discipline and learning.  Due to budget cuts, the school had no funding to support the kindergartners for after school.  New Mercy stepped in and accepted the challenge.  It has been a wonderful experience to watch the children grow and learn.

We are fully volunteer based. Our goal is to have a 1:3 ratio of volunteers to children, which is why we keep the number of children allowed to no more than 15 students at any time. In small groups, the students are able to receive the attention they need to achieve.  We work closely with the students’ teachers so that we are able to focus on what each child needs individually.  There is also a time for the students to come together and participate in group lessons.  We have a computer lab and a variety of activities where students can play and learn.

The program is Monday – Thursday, 3:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Want to support this program? Here are six ways you can support:

Prayer – Please keep this after school program (leaders, volunteers, students) lifted in prayer.
Food/Snacks – We could always use food items for the kids. Students are provided a lunch upon arrival and a snack before leaving. (Please no snacks with nuts as many children are allergic)
Volunteer – We could help more kids if we have more volunteers and we could have fewer kids in each group allowing for more specialized learning.  Please give some prayer and thought to being a part of this great program. You must pass a background check.
Incentives – Just as adults work harder because they are getting paid, so do children.  They will do great work to get coloring books, pencils, crayons, stickers, small toys, candy, etc.  We are always in need of these types of incentives.
Lessons – If you are aware of or can donate some great lessons for kindergartners or computer software, please do share with us.  We are always looking to make this program and the learning better.
Monetary – You can write a check out to New Mercy Community Services, Inc. and designate it to the After School Program in the memo.

For more information please contact Carmen Caldwell by emailing [email protected]